Who We Are

About us

From small renovations to complex hundred-million-baht projects; from modular construction, to advanced digital technologies, to cutting-edge sustainability, Bliss Construction has you covered.
Our Focus

Flexible, focused and innovative: we're focused on achieving your project vision and business goals.

Our Story​

Background and Networking.

Bliss construction has been established by the shareholders who has lots of experience not only in polymers, plastics, but also in shipping and logistics industries.

Bliss construction is operating and developing to serve customers’ need to expand their production and cope with business growing. Over twenty 20 years that we have worked together with customers and built our relationship with customers as friend, family, and business partner.

Those give us the trust from customers, and it is the key driving success and extend our business from trader, shipping, and transportation to construction company. We are now growing and seeking for new strategic partner, new technology to serve our customers.

Our Affiliates​

Believe in power of networking.

We believe in power of networking (all affiliates, partner, and customers) that brings us growing and succeeding in business together with our customers and partners.

1. BC Polymers Marketing Co.,Ltd.

  • Authorized dealer of PTT.
  • Selling Polymers to Customers (Factories)

2. KB Shipping Service Co.,Ltd.
(Major Customer Is SCG Group)

  • Import and Export
  • Customs Clearance
  • In Land Transportation

3. Prosteel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • One Stop Service Prefabricated Steel

4. Smart Building (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • One Stop Service Prefabricated Structures

5. GBS 2015 Co.,Ltd.

  • Accoya Wood Official Thailand Distributor

6. AEI Solution Co.,Ltd.

  • Automated Storage and Disbursement System (AS/RS)
Our Culture

Corporate Culture & Value.



Customer Centric


Responsibility &

Mr. Bancha

Chief Executive Officer
“We favorably impact people, families and communities with our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It’s an exciting place to be every day and our opportunities to contribute will grow as we continue to grow around the Thailand.”

We redefine
what’s possible